Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Epic

So, Kaye asked me what my titles are. They're sort of symbolic about some of the elements in my Epic. I'm a big fan of symbolic titles.

I have about 4 main characters. The first third or so of the first book deals with the parents, Sergei and Tatiana. Their children are Aleksei, Yelena, and Mikhail. Leksi goes off to WW1, Mishka gets caught up in the Revolution fighting as a White, and Yelena loses her husband in WW1.

The main theme of the first one is war. Internal war, "war" with parents, "war" with societal expectations, and then a real live war. WW1 to be precise, and then the Russian Revolution and the ensuing civil war. That one is tentatively titled "A Time For War".

The second one moves into a more peaceful time and opens early summer 1922. Leksi is missing, only unknown to them he's in New York. That's part of the story that I haven't totally figured out yet because Amazon *just* shipped the book I need for that 2 days ago! But anyway, I digress.

Wars are over. Except for Mishka figuring out how he fits into the world. He had his entire world turned upside down and everything that was important for him in Russia doesn't matter anymore. So this second one is tentatively called "A Time For Peace".

But I'm still totally buggered on the third one! It goes back to Russia, and is about Mishka's son, Ben. (he marries an American and she wins the name fight) It's during WW2, and then follows him to Moscow while he works at the Embassy and gets caught up in some spy stuff. And meets a girl and falls in love, which was a HUGE no-no in the post-WW2 Soviet Union. If there's any way I can follow the "Time For" thing I will. Now the trilogy itself just needs a name...

It's only taken me 6 years to get this far in the naming process. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if takes another 6 years to come up with the last one and with a series name.

I'm sitting here giggling. I just noticed that my titles are sort of mirroring War And Peace. That amuses me, particularly since I haven't read it yet.


  1. Let's see what you could take from Ecclesiastes 3:
    vs 1 A time for everything
    vs 2 A time to give birth
    A time to die;
    A time to plant
    A time to uproot
    vs 3 A time to kill (drat Grisham for using that one already)

    A TIME TO HEAL (I like this one, and I only have a vague inkling of what your story's about!)

    A time to tear down
    A time to build up
    vs 4 A time to weep
    A time to laugh
    A time to mourn
    A time to dance
    vs 5 A time to throw stones
    A time to gather stones
    A time to embrace
    A time to shun embracing
    vs 6 A time to search
    A time to give up as lost
    A time to keep
    A time to throw away
    vs 7 A time to tear apart
    A time to sew together
    A time to be silent
    A time to speak

    vs 8 A TIME TO LOVE (like this too)

    A time to hate
    A time for war
    A time for peace

    Now, as far as a series name goes, I know "The Russians" is already taken :(, but what about "The Times of Russia" or "The ________ Chronicles" (using the surname of the family)?

  2. Oh, I'm already interested! I've always been interested in Russia, either because of my grandmother's trip there, or because I adore Fiddler on the Roof. I even took Russian in college. Great suggestions by Kaye--a ton of TIME TO's.