Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Writing tools

Lots of things fall under the heading of writing tools. Pens, paper, your computer or AlphaSmart, the right desk, the right chair.

Few people think about the right height for their keyboard though. Being a tall person, this is something that really affects me. Being the daughter of a computer geek means I have to keep my laptop at the correct temperature. That usually requires a cooling pad since my laptop sits on a desk all the time.

I killed my first one. For something that only cost me 10 bucks, it sure did the job! The fans finally got so noisy that I just couldn't take it anymore and had to turn it off whenever I was in the room. And since it was so cheap to begin with, I didn't really see the need to cut holes in the plastic to oil the fans. So I ordered a new one over the weekend from NewEgg.com and it arrived today. These guys are the BEST when it comes to fast shipping. I wasn't expecting it before tomorrow.

I couldn't find a flat one with 3 fans in my current price range (under $20), so I got one that tilts the laptop at an angle. I didn't think I'd like it. Turns out I really do! Typing is much easier now, it puts my hands at almost the right level and gets my screen up to about an inch shy of where it should be. This should all go together to make writing a more comfortable experience. And maybe help me get my typing speed back up to where it should be and start wearing some letters off my keyboard. One tiny dent in my spacebar just isn't enough...

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  1. Good for you--I'm all about ergonomics (had surgery to remove a cyst from my left wrist six or seven years ago). I do most of my writing now on my desktop computer, complete with flat-panel monitor and Microsoft natural keyboard. I started using the split keyboard after that wrist surgery both at work and at home, and I LOVE it. Now that I'm working elsewhere and have a Mac instead, I have one of those little, "straight" keyboards--but I don't do much typing at work anymore, thank goodness!

    My problem with ergo now is that in my job as a copy editor, I'm constantly hunched over my desk reading copy all day. It's literally a pain in the neck! I think I'd be much better off with a drafting-table where the pages could be at an angle so I can look forward at them instead of down.

    I guess I'd have to say, though, that my ergo-keyboard is probably my favorite writing tool. Especially since I invested in a new one that's black and doesn't show all the (pardon the term) gunk that white keyboards show after a while from all the hand oil building up on them.

    I'll have to look into a cooling pad for my laptop. It does get awfully hot when I do use it for any length of time!