Thursday, March 22, 2007

I love research!

And right now, I REALLY love the current research course that ACFW is doing. For years, I've been looking constantly for a good book about the Russian army during WW1. I've scoured the 'Net, haunted through the World History section of every single bookstore I walk into, every single time I walk into it, run hundreds of searches at Amazon and B&

Then lo and behold Laurie Alice assigns us our homework for this week. Share the one piece of info you're looking for that you can't find. So I did. The Russian Army and the Russian front during WW1.

So, I get back from taking Zoe to the vet to get her stitches out and I've got two emails sitting in my inbox. Both emails send me down the path of hitting the Mother Lode for my subject! I found a book, just published this past October that is exactly what I need. The title? "The Russian Army During World War One". How perfect is that? The only bad thing is that I have to wait until I get paid to buy it because it's still in hardback and 30 bucks.

I am one very happy historical writer right now.

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  1. That was you?? LOL, some days I just skim through the posts, so I didn't make the connection. Isn't the course great? I had no idea that I could go to the library's website and find access to all the magazines they carry! Who knew so much info was available without every having to leave home? I am in a Google-only rut no more!