Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Setting rant!

I love Criminal Minds. It comes on CBS before CSI: New York on Wednesday nights. The science of profiling is another one of my big interests and this show feeds it nicely while making my eyes happy. (Shemar Moore...)

Tonight's episode was a female version of Jack the Ripper loose in the French Quarter. Cool! The French Quarter could totally have something like that happen. Love the premise and the fact that Reed is opening up a little bit. (finally!)

But, as a lifelong Louisiana resident, I have to nit-pick it. I just can't let it slide.

Number 1 complaint: WRONG ACCENTS!!!! The NOPD detective was a lifelong New Orleans resident. LeMontagne was his name. Though I'm pretty sure the scriptwriter spelled it LaMontayne, which is of course wrong since it's a Creole name. The detective sounded like he was from Texas! Wrong wrong wrong. New Orleanians have a very unique accent that's best described as Paris meets New Jersey meets Tennessee. I can spot it anywhere.

Number 2 complaint: The set designer has never been to New Orleans. There were several scenes with bars. 95% of the bars in the Quarter are on Bourbon Street. Bourbon Street is where a lot of nasty stuff happens- murders, rapes, things like that. That set didn't look like any version of Bourbon Street I've ever seen! They had planters on the sidewalks filled with flowers, twinkle lights hanging from the balconies and the street was so clean you could almost eat off of it. The only time Bourbon Street has been that clean was when Disney premiered the Hunchback of Notre Dame in the Superdome. They did a parade and part of it went down Bourbon Street since it's pedestrian traffic only. That was nearly 15 years ago. It's a street best viewed at night because then you can't see all the trash on the street because there's no street lights on Bourbon. Wise move!

Number 3 complaint: They always say New Orleans wrong! I will give them credit for having the "natives" say it correctly, but it always bugs me to hear it pronounced "New Orleens" by anybody. It ain't. It's properly pronounced by locals and Louisiana natives as N'awlins.

'Nuff said.

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  1. I don't watch Criminal Minds, but I, too, get frustrated when TV shows don't do enough research into the setting and just use cliched images to represent places that are well-known to millions--like here in Nashville (where I've lived for 11 years).

    That's why nearly fifteen years ago, I created my own fictional city...that way, no one can ever tell me I didn't get the setting right :-).

    Welcome to the blogosphere!